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Aspire visualising success case studies

Caitlin Holland

Start as a student. Finish as a professional.

Caitlin Holland Psychology student

My voluntary placement has resulted in a paid placement in an area I am extremely passionate about, opening up wider career avenues and opportunities. I also developed my IT skills throughout this opportunity, a critical skill in working with vulnerable adults.

Caitlin Holland
Programme of studyBSc Hons Psychology
Year of study2020 – 21
CompanyRed Rose Recovery

Voluntary placement leads to a paid marketing position

The charity organisation, Red Rose Recovery Lancashire, provided an invaluable opportunity for Caitlin to integrate her love of psychology, communication skills, and extensive knowledge of social media. Red Rose Recovery aims to support people in recovery from dependencies, imprisonment, or other vulnerable groups in the community. Red Rose Recovery was so impressed with Caitlin’s performance, they offered her a paid media and marketing assistant role.

Caitlin combines her love for psychology and social media passion to secure a job offer.

Caitlin demonstrated excellent initiative and self-management skills throughout her placement. She was enthusiastic to develop new skills through undertaking additional training. Caitlin excelled in working independently and as a team member, resulting in her securing a paid position with us.

Scott Maskell – IT & Communications Manager

Abby McCrorie

Start as a student. Finish as a professional.

Abby McCrorie TV production management student

I have tried to throw myself at every opportunity possible, I have learnt so much about the digital broadcasting world. You can gain knowledge from other team members, this helps you develop as an individual. Having courage and putting in 100% is what I feel has made me successful.

Abby McCrorie
Programme of studyBA (Hons) TV Production Management
Year of study2019 – 20
CompanyLearn Live Limited

Gaining experience in highly-skilled employment

Abby completed a media placement as a Video Editor as she wanted to explore the digital broadcasting world. Abby’s role involved camera work, event procedures, setting up the broadcasting room, editing video content, project planning, digital marketing and working on live events. Abby went to film in London with the Managing Director and was tasked to edit in a high intensity situation at short notice. Abby excelled at this task and was later given sole responsibility to sign off on all live broadcast edits.

Abby applied techniques acquired but this time, was given additional responsibility which included managing the media team (training the digital marketing apprentice and work placement student).

After the success of her placement, upon graduating, Abby was offered the position of Programme Editor.

Undertaking a placement makes you more employable in the long term. From a media placement student to a full-time Programme Editor, I have seen Abby’s editing skills improve tremendously. Abby has a huge impact on the team and approaches tasks with positivity and optimism.

Stuart Heaton – Managing Director, Learn Live Limited

Anna Bolger

Start as a student. Finish as a professional.

Ana Bogler Marketing student

Throughout my time at Morgan Branding, I carried out market and competitor research to identify problems revolving around their social media, I launched a new TikTok in which dozens of marketing tips and tricks are shared on this every day. Callum has been delighted with my performance and has offered me a part time job and has assured me a graduate position, once I have finished my studies.

Anna Bolger
Programme of studyBSc Hons Marketing with Digital Communications
Year of study2019 – 20
CompanyMorgan Branding

E3i Work-Related Learning Placement – Shaping my Future

Morgan Branding is a top Creative Marketing Agency, based in Warrington. The industry specialists offer services in website design, branding, and graphic design for small to medium sized businesses. Anna was given the opportunity to work alongside the busy industry professionals and express her creativity with innovative social media content. Anna provided a fresh pair of eyes to conduct competitor analysis of where improvements could be made.

Anna’s placement opportunity included obtaining real-world experience through development of a TikTok presence, which Anna increased weekly engagements by 415%.

Anna’s success was that noticeable, that Anna now manages TikTok pages for two other businesses.

After the success of her placement, Anna, has been guaranteed a graduate position alongside the industry professionals.

Determined student, Anna, has revitalised our business by launching a brand new TikTok channel. Anna conducted a thorough analysis searching for overall improvements on how to optimise our business-reach, from this, Anna improved the consistency of our Instagram as well. Anna fitted in well to the team and is an excellent problem solver, we look forward to continuing to grow with Anna.

Callumm Morgan – Director, Morgan Branding