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Supporting employers: LC Automation

Work placement: Yasmin Cotton BA (Hons) Media, Film and Television

Yasmin Cotton, BA (Hons) Media, Film and Television

“I took on a videography placement with LC Automation with the help of the University through Upskilling Lancashire. I took this opportunity to gain more production experience to help me break into the creative industry after I graduated. I was unsure what type of production role I wanted after graduation, but this work placement showed me that I really enjoyed shooting products, working within a marketing team and editing videos.

I will be much more confident going into a production-based role in the future from this placement. All work placements will be different, but it will help you to know what to expect in the workplace when you leave university. I have developed my editing skills on Adobe and generated my interest in digital marketing. I have used some of this knowledge to set up my own business online where I do a lot of product photography. It has also helped to develop my CV and creative portfolio so I can show future employers that I have professional videography experience.”

Yasmin Cotton, BA (Hons) Media, Film and Television

About the company

Lancashire based LC Automation was challenged with creating high-quality digital content to help achieve a significant marketing objective.  The marketing team needed to promote several new pieces of technical equipment whilst demonstrating to potential customers their benefits and how to use them.

Having accessed Edge Hill University’s Innovation Sprint programme the company’s Marketing Manager, Nigel Dean, undertook an Upskilling Lancashire workforce development assessment. This identified the opportunity to bring onboard a student to provide up-to-date knowledge and skills on filming the product videos, which resulted in recruiting media student, Yasmin Cotton.

The outcome

“A major objective of our marketing plan was to create more high-quality product videos. Our small, creative marketing team had created a couple of videos, but working with Yasmin took this to another level. Together, we created some excellent content, but more than that, we learned so much about professional video production and editing, developing the skills we needed to create our own high-quality content in future.

It was great to work with Yasmin and we learned so much more than we could have done on our own. She helped to build our confidence and skills, easily fulfilling the objectives of our original brief. Our team can now produce better quality videos in a much shorter time than we could have imagined before – and that has been recognised by our Supply Partners who actually ask us to create video content for them, which is great.”

Nigel Dean, LC Automation, Marketing Manager

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