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CVs for part-time jobs

Employers say that you only have ten seconds to make a good impression with your CV so here are some basic rules to follow when writing your CV for a part-time job.

  • You need to think as the employer would – they need to know that you can do the job so make sure you tailor your CV to the role you are applying for.
  • Your CV should be no more than two pages of A4.  If you have little or no work experience it is OK to just have a one page CV.
  • Make it easy for employers to read your CV by using a font such as Ariel no smaller than size 11 or 12.
  • Make use of headings and bullet points to make your content stand out.
  • When listing your education, start with your most recent first such as your degree. Then work backwards through your other experiences. There is no need to list all your GSCEs and qualifications, just say how many you have at a pass grade.
  • List the relevant skills you have that demonstrate you can do the job. Remember to say where you gained them and how you have used them.
  • Many skills are transferable and they can be developed through part-time jobs, volunteering, hobbies or sporting activities. Remember to relate your skills to the workplace.
  • When you have completed your CV, read it back – would you hire you? We can give you feedback on your CV – get in touch with us to ask.

Watch our short presentation about how to write a CV for a part-time job.

Take a look at some good examples of CVs for part-time jobs:

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