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The Neurodiversity Research Group investigates how neurodiverse individuals experience and navigate and interact with different aspects of the world.​ We highlight unique differences and strengths of neurodiverse people, factors hindering their acceptance, while designing inclusive interventions informed by the current research and understanding of neurodiversity.

Current research projects

  • Diagnosing prosopagnosia: Assessing new tests and abnormalities in cognition (Dr Edwin Burns)
  • Decision-making, autism and development (Dr Themis Karaminis)
  • Board games and theory of mind (Dr Gray Atherton and Dr Liam Cross)
  • Language around autism in the media and acceptance of neurodiversity (Dr Themis Karaminis)

Featured projects

Individual differences in learning relating to neurodiversity

We learn all the time all sorts of things in our own unique ways. Dr Themis Karaminis and colleagues are interested in individual differences in learning related to neurodiversity and autism.

See Dr Themis Karaminis’ research

Boardgaming on the Autistic Spectrum

Through a partnership with board gaming companies, Dr Liam Cross and Dr Gray Atherton investigate how board gaming can foster social connection for people on the autistic spectrum.

See Dr Liam Cross’ and Dr Gray Atherton’s research

Get involved

There are various ways you can get involved in our Neurodiversity research