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Seeking new horizons in criminology

Andrew Millie, Professor of Criminology at Edge Hill University, is the editor of a prestigious new book series for Policy Press entitled New Horizons in Criminology.

The series provides cutting edge thought and theoretical development, written by university academics in a language that non-specialist academics, students and practitioners can all comprehend by clearly explaining principles before delving deeper into the subject.

The first book in the series Convict Criminology: Inside and Out, is published on June 8th and is the first sole-authored book to consider the criminal justice system from the perspective of those with first-hand experience of imprisonment.

While some academics may query the need for more ‘criminologies’, Professor Millie notes:

“For any subject to remain vibrant it needs to consider new areas of study and new methodologies and without exploring new horizons, a subject can stagnate. If criminologists had not been willing to explore new horizons there would not have been the expansion from conventional crime and justice into important research on state crimes, social harms, green issues or cultural identity, as reflected in ‘new’ criminologies such as green criminology and cultural criminology.”

Professor Millie’s own contribution to the series is Philosophical Criminology, which will be published in September.

Other forthcoming books include Sports Criminology: A Critical Criminology of Sport and Games and Indigenous Criminology

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Andrew, along with other authors in the series Rod Earle and Nic Groombridge, will be presenting a special panel in July at this year’s British Society of Criminology Conference in Nottingham where they will introduce this exciting new series.

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