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Investigating Holocene activity at Quetrupillán volcano, Chile

Dr Joaquín Cortés has been awarded new funds for a new research project entitled ‘Holocene activity at Quetrupillán volcano, Chile. Implications for hazard and risk assessments’.

Quetrupillán volcano, Southern Volcanic Zone, Chile (39.5 S – 71.7 W, 2360 m.a.s.l.) is a dormant volcano with evidence of a past explosive activity. The research will improve the current knowledge on the volcano helping to forecast when and where a potential volcanic eruption might happen. This will have significant impact on the local communities around the volcano, improving evacuation plans and overall, setting the basis for hazard and risk assessment in the area. Additionally, publication outputs will feed into the work of the Chilean Geological Survey, helping to update their already published geological and hazard maps.