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Fieldwork is a key component of all our degree programmes. It is an essential and enjoyable learning experience which helps to develop friendships and group identity, and provides a unique opportunity to learn important field techniques as well as a range of transferable key skills including project planning and teamwork.

Fieldwork takes place in all 3 years, depending on the degree programme that you are studying, in both the UK and abroad. Recent destinations include Cumbria, Anglesey, Ullapool, Mallorca, Amsterdam, and the Scottish Outer Hebrides.

We also make use of the surrounding urban, coastal and upland environments for local fieldwork excursions. Our fieldwork involves no additional financial contribution from students.


Second year human geography field course visiting Amsterdam.


Second year physical geography field course exploring the coast of Mallorca.

Outer Hebrides

Third year geology field course travelling around the Outer Hebrides.


Third year geology field course exploring the volcanic terrain of Tenerife.


Second year geology field course visiting Cumbria.


First year field course on a trip to the capital.