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Improving Professional Practice (IPP)

The Improving Professional Practice (IPP)  research cluster as several current areas of innovative research with a focus on using educational theory and principles to inform health professions training and clinical outcomes.

Selected outputs

Use of sports psychology to improve performance under challenging situations

Current study funded by Health Education England North:

A systematic review of mental skills training in medical educatio

Improving clinical team performance

Berwick, R. J., Gauntlett, W., Silverio, S. A., Wallace, H., Mercer, S., Brown, JM., Sandars, J., Morton, B. & Groom, P. (2019) A mixed-methods pilot study to evaluate a collaborative anaesthetic and surgical training package for emergency surgical cricothyroidotomy. Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. 47, 4, p. 357-367.

Groom, P., Schofield, L., Hettiarachchi, N., Pickard, S., Brown, JM., Sandars, J. & Morton, B. (2019) Performance of emergency surgical front of neck airway access by head and neck surgeons, general surgeons, or anaesthetists: an in situ simulation study: Who is best to perform a surgical cricothyroidotomy? British Journal of Anaesthesia

Using technology to improve clinical diagnosis

Sandars J, Groom P, Brown JM, et al (2019) Understanding the potential of mixed reality simulation training for the management of ‘can’t intubate–can’t oxygenate’ emergencies. BMJ Simulation and Technology Enhanced Learning.

Using technology to improve debrief and feedback for clinical procedures

Rakesh Patel, William Green, Muhammad Waseem Shahzad, Helen Church, John Sandars. Using a self-regulated learning-enhanced video feedback educational intervention to improve junior doctor prescribing. Medical Teacher.

Supporting health professions trainees to achieve their potential, including trainees from diverse backgrounds

John Sandars, Jeremy Brown, Chidiebere Nwolise, Mumtaz Patel, Nisha Dogra, Axel Kaehne, Jayne Garner, Simon Watmough, Michelle Maden, Vicky Duckworth (2020) The challenge of conducting qualitative research to understand the factors that influence equity in medical education: A scoping review. MedEdPublish

We have well established national and international collaborators, and we work with colleagues across a variety of disciplines.