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Data Science STEM Research Centre

Enabling and Visualising Intelligence (EVI)

About the centre

The research centre is a joint effort between the departments of Biology, Computer Science and Geography and aims to blend these areas in an innovative and interdisciplinary data science approach.

Mission and aims

The Centre for Data Science STEM Research is a forum for shared thinking and interdisciplinary work by:
• Fusing available high-end facilities and expertise in a data science approach
• Creating the base and the opportunities for wider horizons in working collaboratively with the region and beyond
• Communicating evidence-based research demonstrating enhanced societal impact


The research centre is based in the £13m purpose-built Tech Hub (partially funded from the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership) which houses outstanding facilities primarily for Computer Science and Biology. Some of these facilities include but not limited to a dedicated microbiology suite, a four-screen CAVE (a 3D augmented, virtual reality and super-immersive environment), a Harvard style lecture theatre, the Hatchery as well as specialist equipment like 3D printers and scanners, VIVE, HoloLens, multi-touch transparent screens, EGG, and more.

Thematic Areas: Enabling and Visualising Intelligence on:

• Healthcare, biology and natural environmental sciences
• Digital business models
• AI, IoT and Data Analytics and Visualisation for the society


Centre Director: Professor Nik Bessis
Centre Deputy Director: Dr Marcello Trovati

Steering Committee

Chair: PVC (Research) Professor George Talbot
Secretary: Kaja Jedral
Centre Director: Professor Nik Bessis
Centre Associate Director: Professor Paul Ashton
Centre Associate Director: Professor Cherith Moses
Lead for Biology: Dr Aris Tagalakis
Lead for Computer Science and Centre Deputy Director: Dr Marcello Trovati
Lead for Geography: Dr Paul Aplin