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Conversation Exchange Scheme

Find speakers of your target language on campus with our Conversation Exchange Scheme. Learn, share, practise, exchange and improve your language skills.

The Conversation Exchange Scheme is a language sharing community for speakers of all languages on campus. The scheme is a Facebook group which allows you to connect with speakers of other languages. It is open to all registered Edge Hill students and members of staff who wish to improve their language skills in their target language. As this is an exchange initiative, you are also expected to share your own language with others.

Four students talking on campus holding cups of coffee
  1. Join the Conversation Exchange Scheme Facebook group.
  2. Post on the group.
  3. Connect with speakers of your target language.
  4. Meet up on campus with speakers of your chosen language and improve your language skills.

How to join the Conversation Exchange Scheme

The scheme is open to all registered Edge Hill students and members of staff. To join the scheme, follow the instructions below:

  1. Search Edge Hill University Conversation Exchange Scheme group on Facebook.
  2. Request to join the group where you will be asked to provide your student number or, for members of staff, your Edge Hill email address.
  3. Once the Language Centre has checked that you are an Edge Hill student or member of staff, we will approve your request to join the group.
  4. Once a member of the group, you should write a post introducing yourself to the rest of the group.
  5. This should prompt compatible language partners to connect with you. They can do so by commenting on your post. You should also do the same by responding to other relevant posts.

Please do not try to join the group if you are not an Edge Hill student or member of staff. You must have a Facebook account to join this group.

Use of the group
Speakers of your target language
Entry requirements
Connecting with other participants


First meeting

Once you have connected with member(s) of the group, you should set up a first meeting in a public place on campus so that you can begin to practise your language skills. You may wish to meet in a social, flexible setting such as the Hub, or if you are looking for a quieter space, you may wish to use the Language Lounge (LP0.09).

You should use the first meeting as an opportunity to get to know your language partner(s) and to discuss what you would like to achieve from the meetings. Here is a suggested checklist of what to cover in your first meeting:

  • Introductions
  • Previous experience of each other’s language
  • Your aims and targets of the meetings
  • Decide on weekly meeting times
  • Decide on how you will split the time between each other’s language (if applicable)
  • Decide on topic for next meeting


The Conversation Exchange Scheme Facebook group is a closed group which you must request to join. Only registered Edge Hill students and members of staff will be permitted to join. When connecting with other participants online and in person, you must take necessary safety precautions.

Getting the most out of your meetings

  • Prepare for each meeting and spend time after each meeting reflecting on what you have learnt.
  • Plan what you will talk about in the next meeting.
  • Use a variety of sources and platforms, such as content on social media or YouTube to provide topics for discussion.
  • Be willing to correct your partner’s mistakes and encourage them to correct yours.
  • If you are studying a language module, or an evening course on the Language Steps course, use the meetings to practise content you have studied in class.
  • If you are going to be late for a meeting or cannot attend, please ensure you contact your partner as soon as possible so you do not let them down.