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VOICES_Ed: Inclusion

The VOICES_Ed project utilizes a photo-elicitation methodology to explore meanings, perspectives and understandings of inclusion, and exclusion, in school settings. The project began with the creation of photographs and accompanying comments, key words and vignettes or scenarios that prompted exploration of how schools and other education settings engage with children and young people’s ‘voices’, concerns and priorities.

Primary School pupils in the Tate Liverpool art gallery. They are working on projects and placing them on the wall.

So far, the team have held an exhibition at TATE Liverpool and offered CPD to local authorities, schools and other settings. This has particular resonance at the moment when so many of us are facing challenges brought to the surface by the spread of coronavirus. We are aware that many children and young people may be upset, anxious or fearful, and may be struggling to find channels to express their feelings or have opportunities to share these feelings with the adults in their lives.

To read more about this research

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You can follow the project on Twitter @VOICES_Ed