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Overview of Priorities 2021-2022

At Edge Hill University, we continuously strive to provide our students with high quality teacher education. An important element of this is to work very closely with our partner schools. On this page, we would like to give an overview of priorities for ITE programmes so that, as the partnership, we can support all our trainees in the best way possible throughout their training both at the centre and at schools/ settings.

Curriculum Implementation

  • Implement the new ITE curriculum ensuring centre-based and placement-based elements are deliberately integrated.
  • Refine the ITE curriculum to set out clearly the component and composite knowledge that trainees must learn in order to become primary/ secondary/FE teachers. 
  • Develop effective strategies to ensure trainees have sufficient ‘subject and curriculum’ knowledge.
  • Improve the provision for ‘how pupils/students learn’ aspect.
  • Improve trainees’ knowledge and understanding of up-to-date and pertinent research in their subject area.
  • Embed effective adaptive teaching training strategies across the subjects/ programmes.
  • Embed effective teaching of systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) across three departments.
  • Further improve the provision for teaching learners with English as additional language (EAL).
  • Further improve the provision about teaching learners with special education needs and disability (SEND).
  • Embed diversity and inclusion into all taught sessions (as appropriate) in addition to existing stand-alone inputs.
  • Improve teaching in personal, social, health and economic education (PSHE)/RSE.
  • Improve the equitability of the curriculum content provided.

Professional and Pastoral Support

  • Develop effective systems to regulate trainees’ workload.
  • Improve the provision for trainees with special education needs and disability (SEND).
  • Monitor the wellbeing of trainees and provide timely support when needed.
  • Promote a positive attitude towards mental health matters.
  • Prepare the trainees for the realities of teaching.
  • Provide effective transition from being a trainee to becoming an early career teacher (ECT).