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Holy Cross

Our partnership with Holy Cross College and University Centre in Bury gives you the opportunity to be taught by lecturers and staff from Edge Hill University, whilst studying at the Holy Cross site, close to the centre of Bury.

Upon successful completion of your course, you will gain a degree awarded by Edge Hill University. However, there is no requirement for you to attend Edge Hill University’s Ormskirk campus. Instead, you will be able to take advantage of the range of modern facilities at Holy Cross, including recent building upgrades and refurbishments. There’s a range of study spaces and a coffee shop where you can relax before lectures. Holy Cross is especially proud of the library, IT facilities, modern classrooms and meeting rooms in the Mary Kelly building, where the face-to-face sessions will take place.

We have a number of courses which offer the opportunity to choose between studying at Edge Hill’s Ormskirk campus and Holy Cross University Centre in Bury, so you can decide which location would be best suited to you. You can find out more information about each of these courses below:

Have further questions about opting to study one of our degrees at Holy Cross? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below:

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