Early career teachers: primary and early years

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Statutory framework for the early year foundation degree Primary national curriculum Development matters Birth to five matters


Recommended websites

Recommended books

  • Mathematics explained for primary teachers by Derek Haylock with Ralph Manning (6th edition)
  • Understanding and teaching primary mathematics by Tony Cotton
  • Children’s errors in mathematics by Alice Hansen



Primary science research update

OFSTED: Research Review: Science

Resources for schools



Model Music Curriculum: Key Stages 1 and 2

Musical Development Matters

OFSTED research review

Useful books

  • Atkinson, R. 2018.  Mastering Primary Music. London: Bloomsbury Academic
  • Greenhalgh, Z. 2018.  Music and Singing in the Early Years: A guide to singing with young children. London: Routledge
  • Daubney, A. 2017. Teaching Primary Music. LA: Sage
  • Burnard, P. and Murphy, R., 2017. Teaching music creatively. 2nd edn. Oxon: Routledge.
  • Cotton, M. 1996. Agogo bells to xylophone: A friendly guide to classroom percussion instruments. London: A & C Black.
  • Maddocks, A. and Voices Foundation, 2012. Inside Music: A Music Education Programme for Class Music Teaching (5 – 7). The Voices Foundation: London.
  • Maddocks, A. and Voices Foundation, 2014. Inside Music: A Music Education Programme for Class Music Teaching (7 – 11). The Voices Foundation: London.
  • Minto, D. 2009. Games, ideas and activities for primary music. Harlow: Person Education Ltd.
  • Pope, D., 2019. Understanding Subject Knowledge for Primary Teaching. Chapter 6. Los Angeles: SAGE

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