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Early career teachers: primary and early years

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Statutory framework for the early year foundation degree Primary national curriculum Development matters Birth to five matters


Recommended websites

Recommended books

  • Mathematics explained for primary teachers by Derek Haylock with Ralph Manning (6th edition)
  • Understanding and teaching primary mathematics by Tony Cotton
  • Children’s errors in mathematics by Alice Hansen

Are you a primary or secondary teacher in your first or second year of teaching?

Two new Maths Hubs professional development opportunities are now recruiting, with sessions starting this semester. The projects – Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics – Primary Early Career Teachers and Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics – Secondary Early Career Teachers – are designed especially for teachers in their first or second year of teaching. They provide opportunities for peer-to-peer collaboration with other teachers at the same career stage, while focusing on maths subject knowledge and pedagogy. Get in touch with your local Maths Hub to find out more and sign up.



Primary science research update

OFSTED: Research Review: Science

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Design and Technology

Useful books

  • Atkinson, R. 2018.  Mastering Primary Music. London: Bloomsbury Academic
  • Greenhalgh, Z. 2018.  Music and Singing in the Early Years: A guide to singing with young children. London: Routledge
  • Daubney, A. 2017. Teaching Primary Music. LA: Sage
  • Burnard, P. and Murphy, R., 2017. Teaching music creatively. 2nd edn. Oxon: Routledge.
  • Cotton, M. 1996. Agogo bells to xylophone: A friendly guide to classroom percussion instruments. London: A & C Black.
  • Maddocks, A. and Voices Foundation, 2012. Inside Music: A Music Education Programme for Class Music Teaching (5 – 7). The Voices Foundation: London.
  • Maddocks, A. and Voices Foundation, 2014. Inside Music: A Music Education Programme for Class Music Teaching (7 – 11). The Voices Foundation: London.
  • Minto, D. 2009. Games, ideas and activities for primary music. Harlow: Person Education Ltd.
  • Pope, D., 2019. Understanding Subject Knowledge for Primary Teaching. Chapter 6. Los Angeles: SAGE

 Useful websites

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