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What do we love about television? What do we value about television? According to most traditional awards, it’s the writing, the acting, the directing. All of these are important to make great television. But what we value about television is often other things: that it gives us comfort in troubling times such as the Covid pandemic. That it is made even within difficult circumstances, including during social distancing. Who wasn’t grateful to all the contestants who were willing to self-isolate so they could be on this show or that? And who wasn’t glad that the same faces continued to come into our homes, even if those faces suddenly came from their back gardens or home offices.

The Critical Awards in Television want to celebrate television in the way that we, academics, industry insiders and audiences value it: in 2021, by drawing attention to the service it has rendered to us by giving us comfort during Covid, by celebrating those productions that came up with clever ways of dealing with Covid restrictions so that they could continue to be made, by celebrating writers who found alternative ways of telling stories and by celebrating future television makers (who are currently students) who have come up with clever ways of making television in these difficult times.

We are already looking forward to 2022 and considering what has become more important as the UK television industry returns to pre-pandemic business. What should we value in television now, do you think? Do feel free to send us your thoughts!

2021 Awards Ceremony Pictures

Our fantastic photographer, John Hollingsworth, captured the first Critical Awards in Television ceremony.



Our students have made a few videos to give a sense of the work that went into producing television in 2020-2021. Please see them here:

Critical Awards in Television 2021 – YouTube




For more information or if you have any questions, please contact the Department of Creative Arts ([email protected]) or Elke Weissmann ([email protected]).

To find out more about the Television Studies Research Group, please visit their web pages.

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