Section D: General Information

This section contains a range of general information and forms helpful to Governors.

Calendar of meetings

Please note the calendar is subject to change as necessary throughout the year.


Governors are entitled to claim expenses for travel to meetings at the University and travel and subsistence for meetings outside the University approved by the Chair.  Payment is at the standard University rates.


The term of office for Independent Governors is three years, renewable by re-election up to a maximum of nine years in total.  Governors seeking re-election are required to complete the appropriate form which is subject to review by Nominations Committee.

Staff and Student Governors are subject to separate election procedures.

Induction and Staff Development

New Governors are offered an appropriate Induction programme including a meeting with the Clerk, members of Directorate and other key University personnel.  Appropriate attendance at sessions organised by AdvanceHE is also encouraged.

Register of Interests

As Trustees under Charity law, all Governors are required to make an annual Declaration of Interest which is published through the Register of Interests compiled by the Clerk.

External Links

Governors may also find the following links useful:

Section D: General Information

  1. Schedule of Meetings
  2. Members’ Register of Interests
  3. CUC Code of Governance
  4. Board of Governors’ Privacy Notice (GDPR)
  5. Board of Governors Complaints Procedure

The following documents may be of interest to Governors. Copies are available from the Clerk

  1. Corporate Planning Statement
  2. Annual Report
  3. Human Resources Strategy
  4. Human Resources Policies
  5. Whistleblowing Policy
  6. Estates Strategy
  7. Financial Regulations
  8. Treasury Management Policy
  9. Value for Money Policy
  10. Health and Safety Policy
  11. Risk Management Policy
  12. Student Disciplinary Regulations

For any further assistance please contact Helen Smallbone, Clerk to Governors, at [email protected]

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