Members of University Governing Body – Person Specification

The Board of Governors Nominations Committee has responsibility for identifying and recruiting governors. The Committee is mindful of the mix of skills and specific attributes that may be required of someone filling a vacancy at any given time to ensure an effective, representative and widely experienced Board. However, irrespective of any particular attributes that may be associated with an appointment, the following are generic attributes/qualities that are sought in all prospective University governors.


Core Elements

Governors should be able to demonstrate: –

  • An active interest in higher education;
  • Commitment to the role of the University as a major, high quality provider of higher education regionally, nationally and internationally;
  • Commitment to the University’s vision;
  • Commitment to promoting equality and diversity;
  • Commitment to quality and enhancement;
  • Willingness to promote the University externally and within the community it serves;
  • Ability to work positively with others and to contribute as a member of a team;
  • Ability to make reasoned decisions and to act honestly, diligently and in good faith;
  • Ability to contribute to establishing performance targets and the monitoring of performance against these;
  • Commitment to attend and contribute to Board Meetings, Committees and participate in governor development activities;
  • Willingness to accept collective responsibility.

Generic Skills

  • Strategic awareness;
  • Financial awareness;
  • Sharing best practice;
  • Vision and commitment;
  • Ability to share and work to common values;
  • Critical listening and appraisal skills;
  • Ability to ask probing questions;
  • Analytical and problem solving abilities;
  • Integrity to act without self-interest;
  • Ability to work within a framework of collective decision-making in the best interests of the Board and the University;
  • Awareness of standards in public life, public accountability and a determination to abide by them;
  • Communication skills and the ability to influence.


Chair and Vice-Chair of Governors


In addition to the attributes identified above, the Chair and Vice-Chair of Governors should be able to demonstrate:


  • Leadership skills;
  • Negotiating skills;
  • Teambuilding skills;
  • Experience of chairing executive level meetings;
  • A clear understanding of the boundaries between governance and management.