The Community Pledge

You are a valued member of the Edge Hill University community.

Your health and wellbeing is our number one priority and, during this Covid-19 pandemic, we are asking everyone to work together to keep each other safe by agreeing to honour our community pledge and taking personal responsibility for preventing the spread of the virus.

We are asking each and every individual to agree to:   

  1. Fully adhere to official Public Health guidance in relation to Covid-19. 
  2. Protect myself and others by maintaining appropriate physical distance and hygiene.
  3. Unless exempt, wear a face-covering when and where required to do so.
  4. Not attend University if they feel unwell with, or if I have been in close proximity to others with, Covid-19 symptoms or who have tested positive for the virus.
  5. Raise and respond to concerns of Covid-inappropriate behaviour in an open, constructive and respectful manner and, if necessary, adjust their behaviour to be in line with Public Health and University guidelines.

Information to support members of the Edge Hill Community

Stay informed

Staying in touch is now more important than ever. We’re working hard to provide you with the certainty and clarity that you need but the nature of the pandemic may mean we have to adapt how we use the campus as a community. We will keep you informed.

There are some things you can do to help you stay up to date:


  • Read our Covid-19 page regularly as this is where we will publish updates about campus facilities and services.
  • Check your contact details are correct on your student record.
  • Check your student email account regularly
  • Download our new EHU app, available from 21st September (search for it in your app store).
  • Spend some time familiarising yourself with Learning Edge.
  • Check your phone and emails before setting off to campus in case of any unavoidable changes to your timetable.


  • Read our Covid -19 page regularly as this is where we will publish updates about campus facilities and services.
  • Read our guides to support your return to the campus as this is where you will find tools to support yourself and your staff.
  • Check the weekly emails from the Staff Wellbeing and Development Team for regular updates concerning your Wellbeing onsite.
  • Watch the guidance video produced by you Health and Safety team, Director of Health for Lancashire and HR.
  • Check your contact details are correct on your staff record.


  • Read our Covid -19 page regularly as this is where we will publish updates about campus facilities and services.
  • Watch the guidance video produced by you Health and Safety team, Director of Health for Lancashire and HR.
  • Ensure the people you are visiting at the University have the most up to date contact details for you.

Report a concern

Should you have a concern that others are not behaving in a Covid-appropriate way but feel unable to raise this with them directly, please contact:

Please make “Covid – Escalated Concern” the subject of the email.

Urgent support

If you need urgent support, you can contact Campus Support (24/7 on Campus) on 01695 584227

Living in Halls

In advance of moving into your Halls of Residence please take time to read:

  • Your Licence Agreement as this is a legally binding contract that you have signed up to when accepting your place in Halls
  • Our A-Z guide to living in Halls which provides you with all the information you need to make your stay on campus as enjoyable as possible. 
  • Our Covid-specific guidelines for living in Halls which provides important information about your household, reporting symptoms and expected behaviours. 

These will have been emailed to you by the accommodation team.

If you will be living in private (non EHU accommodation), the Students’ Union offers independent, confidential, and expert advice on accommodation issues and disputes. You can book an appointment online at or alternatively email the SU advice team.

Supporting the community

All members of the University community have a duty to assist in establishing an environment where harassment, bullying and victimisation is unacceptable.  It is important to show respect and consideration to others at all times. 

Please ensure you wear a face covering where this is required or recommended within the University environment if you are not exempt from doing so.  Please be aware that other members of the University community may have genuine reasons for not wearing a face covering and it is not appropriate to ask them to explain these reasons.  Many disabilities are not visible and therefore it is important not to make assumptions about someone who is not wearing a face covering.  If you see someone wearing a pink lanyard or a badge this means they are exempt from wearing a face covering. 

Some people rely on lip reading, clear sound or facial expressions to communicate.   If you have difficulty communicating with a member of the University community due to their face covering, politely let them know and suggest a more appropriate way to continue the conversation.  This might be to remove the face covering temporarily, replace the face covering with a visor, use a different meeting location (either outside or a larger room that allows you to be 2m apart) or using email instead. 

We are providing members of the University community with pink lanyards which they can wear to identify themselves as someone who has genuine reasons not to wear a face covering.  The Government has produced badges which you can wear if you wish. You can also download an image to your phone that can be shown to anyone asking you to wear a face covering.  If you are a student and have completed our online survey to let us know that you are exempt from wearing a face covering we will contact you directly with information about how to receive your pink lanyard.   If you have not completed the survey but wish to wear a pink lanyard you should email the Inclusion Team to let them know of your exemption. 

Staff members can complete an online form to declare their exemption and receive a lanyard.  If you are a staff member and are exempt from wearing a face mask you may wish to inform your line manager so that they are aware.  There is however, no requirement for anyone to inform us or wear a lanyard, badge or show an image on their phone, and this will come down to personal choice. 

Within the community it is really important that we all support each other so please look out for those that you live, learn and work with. If you are concerned about a student you can let the university know online so support can be offered.

Visiting Halls of Residence

Even if you don’t live in the Halls of Residence you may make friends with other students who do. It is therefore important that you observe all Public Health England requirements in relation to visiting if you are visiting a friend in Halls. Currently just 6 people can gather together either outside or indoors. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our halls have 6 or more rooms so it is highly unlikely that you will be able to visit your friends in their halls with the current guidance. There are a very small amount of flats that are less than 6 (only 12 on the entire campus) so it maybe possible to visit those as long as social distancing can be observed. Please note though, that it is now a criminal offence for more than 6 students to gather so don’t put yourself at risk by visiting halls where 6 or more students live.

Engaging with online teaching

We are committed to providing the very best online learning experience possible.  You will have access to Blackboard (our Virtual Learning Environment) where all materials will meet a minimum quality threshold before being released to you. We will also use lecture capture software, collaboration tools and video conferencing to make sure that you will always have an in person learning experience, even when not on campus. You will have access to your tutors as well as your peer groups on these platforms.

In order to get the most out of your online studies we recommend you take the following into consideration:

  • Ensure you attend all sessions and participate fully in all of the activities that form part of your learning.
  • If possible ensure that you are in a quiet area to be able to engage with online learning.  If you are unable to find a quiet space ensure your microphone is muted so as not to disturb others.
  • Treat your online learning in the same way as you would if you were learning on campus.  This includes dressing and behaving appropriately, and treating all members of the University community with respect.
  • Be aware of your surroundings if using the video function and consider what may be visible to others on your desktop if you are required to share your screen. 
  • Do not share any personal information online such as your name, phone number, home or email address.  Please do not take photographs of your screen or share any photographs of the sessions.

For additional information in other categories, visit the Information for community, visitors and partners, Information for staff, Information for students or Information for applicants pages, or return to our Covid-19 general information page.

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