Chongqing Normal University

Chongqing Normal University is a comprehensive university playing a key role in a teachers’ education.

It is a higher education institution, authorized to award Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees. There are seventeen colleges, eighty master’s degree programs, sixty-three under-graduate programs offering literature, science, economics, management, art and physical education. Currently, there are over 28,000 students enrolled and over 1700 teachers, including more than 650 professors and associate professors.

Chongqing Normal University is a comprehensive teacher training university offering at least nine different educational programs, from pre-school education to overseas Chinese language education. It has become the preeminent teacher training university for the promotion of China and its culture.

The University has partnered with multiple foreign universities for the establishment of Confucius Institutes around the world. Edge Hill University is among these. It seeks to establish a cooperative spirit and an exchange of cultural ideas as much as possible. This exchange of ideas comes from over twenty countries and currently has over 400 international students to reflect this.

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