The Edge Hill Confucius Institute is affiliated with the Faculty of Education, which is one of the country’s leading providers of teacher education and training and has a reputation for high quality and innovation in its work with schools to improve standards.  A main focus of the Confucius Institute is on the training of teachers in both Primary and Secondary schools with the aim of increasing the opportunities for learning about Chinese culture, history and Mandarin language. The activities and programmes on offer range from short taster sessions to teacher training and professional development. In addition the Institute offers a range of services to schools to encourage and support the development of Mandarin within the curriculum.

The vision for the Confucius Institute is to:

  • Increase engagement with Mandarin Chinese language and culture by trainee teachers and other students, members of the community and local businesses
  • Influence the growth in number of Mandarin teachers across the North West of England
  • Increase the awareness of Mandarin and Chinese Culture in schools across the North of England through the development of a network of Confucius Hub Schools
  • Increase the numbers of Primary and Secondary schools undertaking Mandarin language lessons including pupils engaging with Mandarin GCSE, Chinese Youth Language Test (YCT) and Chinese Language Proficiency Test (HSK).
  • In partnership with Hanban and Chongqing Normal University develop placements for trainee teachers, students from faculties of Health and Social Care and Arts and Sciences and in-service teachers.

The CI’s ongoing strategic direction has 6 pillars of activity:

  1. Language and Culture School hubs
  2. Language and culture exchange activities for EHU staff and students including visits to China via Chongqing Normal University
  3. Activities on/off campus which face specifically towards the local community (language, culture and the arts)
  4. Support for local businesses with basic Mandarin language and Chinese cultural awareness
  5. Bringing greater focus on the Arts, including Chinese music, theatre, performances and film to the campus
  6. Creating added focus specifically on modern, popular, Chinese culture and media.
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