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Research Seminars – Spring 2017

As part of ongoing research work the Department of Computer Science runs a regular research seminar series. The aim is to ensure a regular exchange of ideas within the department, Edge Hill University, and the wider research community. Everybody is welcome and there is no need to book. For further details, please contact Mark Hall.

All seminars take place on Wednesday in the Tech Hub Meeting Room, Ormskirk Campus.

You can find the full schedule for Spring 2017 here. The next research seminar will be:

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Transportation management: On the interplay between optimization and equilibrium problems

Dr Ovidiu Bagdasar, Senior Lecturer in Mathematics, College of Engineering and Technology, Department of Electronics, Computing and Mathematics, University of Derby
Thursday 15th of March 2018, 13.00pm, TechHub Board Room

A dilemma often facing motorists is to choose which route should be taken to realise the fastest (i.e. shortest) journey time. The route choices between an origin and destination might typically be a direct main road, a shorter route through narrow side streets in residential areas, or a longer but (potentially) faster journey using a nearby motorway or ring-road. In the absence of effective traffic control measures, an approximate equilibrium travel time results between the routes available. However, this may not be optimal, as faster overall journey times may have resulted had car drivers allocated themselves differently between the routes. In what has become known as the Braess Paradox, this difference between equilibrium and optimal travel times can lead to the decidedly counter-intuitive result, that additions to road capacity, typically through road construction, lead to slower – not faster – car journey times. Here a transportation model where journey time is the only criteria for route choice is solved by dynamic programming, genetic algorithms and numerical or analytical techniques. Results show close links between solutions of certain (discrete and continuous) optimization and equilibrium problems. The effects induced by closing certain road segments are also investigated.

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