Developer-Centric Knowledge Mining from Large Open-Source Software Repositories (CROSSMINER)

The Department of Computer Science at Edge Hill University has been awarded over £400,000 on a 3-year ICT10-2016, European (H2020) research and development project. The project starts in January 2017.

Dr Yannis Korkontzelos, Senior Lecturer in the Department, Principal Investigator and a Work-Package Leader of the project, said that “the project is driven by the need of the industrial partners of the consortium for a comprehensive industrial strength open-source framework for developing new software by properly analysing, selecting, and reusing existing open source components with respect to technological, quality, and licensing requirements. The results of CROSSMINER will be integrated with Eclipse that it is one of the most widely IDEs for the development of a wide range of systems”.

Professor Nik Bessis, Head of the Department and a Co-Investigator of the project said that “this is an excellent opportunity for us to make an impact and work with world-class partners including The Open Group, Centrum Wiskunde and Informatica, Unparallel, Softeam, Frontendart, Bitergia, OW2 consortium, Eclipse Foundation Europe and the Universities of York, L’Aquila and AUEB.”

The aim of CROSSMINER is to deliver an integrated open-source platform that will support the development of complex software systems by (1) enabling monitoring, in-depth analysis and evidence-based selection of open source components and (2) facilitating knowledge extraction from large open-source software repositories.

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