Research Projects

The Department has a number of ongoing research projects:

3D Parametric Modelling

The 3D Parametric Modelling Project at Edge Hill University Computer Science is developing applications that enable people who have no special skills in 3D modelling to create quickly complex, realistic and dynamic models.


The aim of CROSSMINER is to deliver an integrated open-source platform that will support the development of complex software systems by enabling monitoring, in-depth analysis and evidence-based selection of open source components and facilitating knowledge extraction from large open-source software repositories.


CyberGaTE aims to bridge the skill-gap between theory and practice and address the needs of effective cyber-security training through innovative pedagogical practices such as game-based learning and the classroom as a service.

Software Validation Project (SVP)

The Software Validation Project investigates software quality assurance in the context of climate change modelling software.

The Datascapes Project

The Datascapes Project investigates augmented reality visualisations in the context of public art installations.

History Space

The aim of the project, in collaboration with Brock University in Canada, is to develop software that will allow historians to create three dimensional representations of historical buildings.

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