Creative Virtual Reality Lab

Deputy Director: Dr Peter Vangorp

The Creative Virtual Reality Lab conducts visual computing research with a particular emphasis in virtual and augmented reality, games and serious games, image processing and computer vision, 3D graphics and perception, human computer interaction and complex systems simulation. The lab uses the Tech Hub facilities including the Computer Augmented Virtual Environment (CAVE) and a range of technologies for full immersive experiences including: Tobii Eye X, Vive, Z-Space, Kinects, Hype Box, Emotive, Enobio BCI, Nao Robots, 3D Scanner and printer.

Goals Members
• Connecting with stakeholders to impact society
• Supporting students to acquire research-lead employability skills
• Empowering researchers to solve theoretical and real-world problems in visual computing and utilising virtual and augmented reality technology
Dr Chitra Balakrishna
Dr Ardhendu Behera
Dr Peter Matthew
Dr Quanbin Sun
Dr Peter Vangorp
Dr Huaizhong Zhang

Dr Linda Kaye (Psychology)
Dr Sara Rodriguez-Cuadrado (Psychology)
Dr Motonori Yamaguchi (Psychology)
Dr Carlos Romero Rivas (Psychology)

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