Peter Ankomah

  • BSc Computer Science, KNUST, Ghana, 2008
  • MSc Computer Science, Staffordshire, University, UK, 2015
  • CompTIA A+
Peter Ankomah 

Research Contact Teaching

Virtual reality, Big data visualisation

Peter Ankomah
Department of Computer Science
Edge Hill University
L39 4QP

Phone: 01695 651872
Office: THF09

  • Digital World
  • Employability
  • Advanced Databases


Peter started coding in MS BASIC on a Casio Fx-730P, a device he still keeps till now and has since continued his passion for computing.

He is a Graduate Teaching Assistant currently working towards his PhD at the Department of Computer Science at Edgehill University. Prior to Edgehill, He spent 7 years working in industry, building automation with software development in banking, telecommunication and government in capacities including senior support engineer, head of databases and business intelligence, IT manager and was involved in improving processes with measurable results.

Peter’s PhD thesis is titled “Big data visualisation in immersive virtual reality”. This research aims to develop a virtual reality big data visualisation software to be able to visualise and interact with molecular protein data, allowing a comparative analysis with data exploration in 2D and 3D immersive virtual reality environments. The developed application will be used to perform an objective usability study to do the comparison. The development and recent debut of consumer virtual reality devices has ensured they become mainstream presenting an opportunity for big data visualisation to tap into the ability to realise better insights from the immersion, high field of vision, and other properties presented by virtual reality devices.

He is passionate about big data, virtual reality, software development, novel visualisation environments and the processes of realising insights from massive amounts of data.

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