Final Year Project

Student name: Jake Leigh
Project title: To compare and contrast two leading JavaScript frameworks

Course: BSc (Hons) Web Design and Development 


This project aimed to test two leading JavaScript frameworks by creating an identical recipe web application, to then test both applications using three stakeholders that would be affected by choice of framework. 


Completed time recording table for each feature in the individual recipe page.

After studying current job adverts and identifying the frameworks most sort after by potential employees; and performing desk research identifying what the currently preferred frameworks of choice to learn are, two frameworks (React and VueJS) were identified. An app was designed and developed using both frameworks. During and after the developments, numerous data points were captured to test both frameworks. These included: Capturing the length of time developing each build as well as the number of bugs that were created; Testing the size of the application and the individual file sizes and; finally testing the speed and performance of each build. 


The results of each test ultimately lead to one conclusion, VueJS came out on top on almost all tests, and the conclusion was the more extensive the application, the more significant the gap between Vue and React would be. 

My time at University 

High-fidelity design of complete application.

During my three years on the Web Design and Development degree, I have learnt several new languages within the web industry that have widened my arsenal of skills and technologies, making myself a better candidate for job applications. I have also taken part in several extra-curricular workshops and activities including hackathons and lectures which have helped me in gaining an insight into the working environment, and various practices that are used and sort within the Web industry. 

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