Final Year Project

Student name: Evan James Moseley
Project title: Parsing Written English sentences to Java blocks
Course: MComp Computer Application Development


The project aim was to develop an application that could translate English to Java. This was designed to assist in the development of current applications and to help see the relationship between English and Java to hopefully assist the learning of Java.


Evan James Moseley - Parsing Written English sentences to Java blocks

Shows the code for a single class written in Java

Through research I found there were a few projects that converted graphics into HTML code, however, the main principle of the project was natural language processing which were not mentioned in other projects. Although one research project I found did convert JavaScript into readable EnglishOne of the challengeI faced was the English language as some words can have multiple meanings and something as logical as a programming language will struggle to understand. Meaning I had to do a lot more processing and programming for each word.


Key research came down to Google assistant as well as IBM Watson. The former takes English and converts it into commands that are activated on the device. While the latter takes English questions and attempts to answer those questions. Both were key points of research due to the nature of understanding English, whether it be identifying a command or a question, either way this project needed that understanding to process the premise of the application.

What’s next?

The project requires further developmentto improve the compatibility with adjoining sentences.

My time at University

When I started the course, I was familiar with the Java language so much so that I could speak the language without looking at documentation. However other languages I struggled with. During the course I have re learnt at least 8 languages and how the typical computer processes the language from the processor to the result on your screen. Not only that but how to apply the languages within a professional environment. I feel like I can now work on a project as part of a team instead of isolating myself with the project as I am now aware of how projects are developed with modern and old techniques. How data is stored and processed on databases of all kinds from locally stored to cloud dedicated processing to distributed systems. All these will come in helpful with my future.

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