A range of training is offered to all our students, specialist training is offered to relevant pathways:

SAS Programming
(Analytics, Business Intelligence and Data Management)

This course offers a detailed introduction in SAS programming. SAS, previously “Statistical Analysis System”, is a software suite for advanced analytics, multivariate analyses, business intelligence, data management, and predictive analytics. The course consists of slide presentations, quizzes and practical exercises of software modification and development using the SAS Enterprise Guide programming environment. The learning material is closely related to the material of course SAS Programming 1: Essentials offered by SAS. The course is approximately 15 hours long and is delivered over three days. In the end of the third day participants fill in a multiple-choice exam. Participants that complete the course successfully are awarded a certificate shared between SAS and Edge Hill University.

Contact: Dr. Yannis Korkontzelos

Microsoft Certified Fundamentals - MCF

Microsoft Certified Fundamentals (MCF) certification programme ensures all learners are equipped with the cloud skills to land in-demand roles in today’s job market. The Microsoft Certified Fundamentals (MCF) certification is an entry-level credential that validates fundamental technology skills and knowledge among students and job-seekers who are pursuing a career in technology. We offer a range of MCF Certificates including:
• Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)
• Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900)
• Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals (AI-900)
• Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals (DP-900)
• Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals CRM (MB-910)
• Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals (SC-900)

Contact: Knowledge Exchange Team [email protected]

Unity Certification
(Games Development)

Unity Certified Programmer helps entry to mid-level programmers across all industries validate their abilities and demonstrate their commitment to professional standards. The Unity Certified Developer Exam was designed to provide a credential that validates foundational skills for making a game with Unity, spanning key concepts in both technical art and programming. It offers Unity developers at all levels an opportunity to challenge themselves, to test their understanding of the end-to-end game production process. Results are given immediately upon completion of the exam and shown by topic area, so areas of strength are identified as well as areas where improvement may be needed. By providing a challenging, meaningful indicator of Unity knowledge and skill, we also hope to provide aspiring game developers with a credential that will help them communicate their skills to employers and successfully transition into a professional career in games.
Becoming Unity Certified demonstrates to employers that you have the technical skills and applied knowledge they need. The Unity Developer certification can help your résumé stand out in a crowded field. Once you’re certified, you’ll receive a verifiable digital badge from Acclaim: An online credential that you can share with the world. Certification is valid for two years.

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Contact: Dr. Peter Matthew

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