Professor Nik Bessis SMIEEE, FBCS, FHEA

Research Qualifications
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet of Things
  • Social Graphs
  • Big Data
  • Future Internet
  • Resource Provisioning
  • PhD, De Montfort University, 2002
  • MA, De Montfort University, 1995
  • BA, TEI of Athens, 1991
Teaching Contact
  • Research Methods
  • Project
Professor. Nik Bessis
Department of Computer Science
Edge Hill University
L39 4QP
Phone: 01695 654348
Email: Nik Bessis
Office: THG09


Nik Bessis is a full Professor of Computer Science and the Head of the Department of Computer Science at Edge Hill University, UK. Prior to that, Nik was a full Professor of Computer Science and the Director of Distributed and Intelligent Systems (DISYS) research centre at the University of Derby, UK. He holds a PhD and a MA from De Montfort University, UK and a BA from TEI of Athens, Greece. Professor Bessis is a Fellow of HEA, BCS and a Senior Member of IEEE. His research is on social graphs for network and big data analytics as well as on developing data push and resource provisioning services in IoT, FI and clouds. He runs a number of research initiatives with several Universities including ETH, Lanzhou, ATEI Crete, etc. He has led several projects worth over £3m. He has published over 250 works and won 4 best paper awards. He has chaired over 40 international events, delivered 4 keynote speeches, edited 4 SIs, 8 books and 9 conference proceedings. His latest 2 edited books on IoTs & big data have been ranked as top 25 & top 40 on Amazon AI book lists. He is also the founding editor-in-chief of IJDST. Professor Bessis has served as an expert evaluator for the Hellenic QAA and, as an assessor for more than 10 Professorships conferment worldwide.

External Academic Activities

External Examiner:

2013 – 2017            London South Bank University, UK

2012 – 2016            University of Brighton, UK

2009 – 2013            University of Northampton, UK

2009 – 2010            University of Derby, UK

2007 – 2012            University of Greenwich, UK

2006 – 2010            University of Central Lancashire, UK



  • Practices and Future Concepts of Cyber Physical Systems: A Vision for Secure Societies, Disaster and Crisis Management, Second IEEE International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Disaster Management (ICT-DM’2015), 30th Nov, Rennes, France
  • Next Generation Emerging Technologies, World Congress on Sustainable Technologies (WCST-2011), 7th Nov, London, UK
  • Emerging Technologies for Collective Intelligence, Second International Conference on Advances in P2P Systems (NexTech-2010), 25th Oct, Florence, Italy
  • Emerging Computational and Collaborative Technologies for Advancing Virtual Organizations and Web Communities, Third International Conference on the Applications of Digital Information and Web Technologies (ICADIWT-2010), 12th Jul, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Using Next Generation Grid Technologies for Advancing Virtual Organizations, Fourth International Conference on Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems (ARES-2010/CISIS-2010), 18th Feb, Cracow, Poland

Founding Editor-in-Chief:

IJDST: International Journal of Distributed Systems and Technologies (2010 – ) IGI. IJDST is an indexed by SCOPUS & ACM. IJDST is now ranked as a 166/1487 journals, Q2 in Scimago Computer Networks and Communications subject category

Conference Track Chair:

  • Data Analytics for Learning and Virtual Organizations: 5th EIDWT-2016, May 11-13, Kazan
  • Internet of Things track: 30th AINA-2016, Mar 23-25, Crans-Montana
  • Internet of Things track: 6th EUSPN-2015, Sep 27-30, Berlin
  • Information System for Disaster Management: 9th CISIS-2015, Jul 8-10, Blumenau
  • Smart City and Disaster Resilient System: 9th IMIS-2015, Jul 8-10, Blumenau
  • Internet of Things track: 6th ANT-2015, Jun 2-5, London
  • Pervasive/Ubiquitous Computing: 29th IEEE AINA-2015, Mar 24-27, Gwangju
  • Internet of Things track: 5th EUSPN-2014, Sep 22-25, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Cloud, Grid and P2P Computing: 17th NBiS-2014, Sep 10-12, Salerno
  • Cloud Computing: Services, Storage, Security and Privacy: 6th IEEE INCoS-2014, 10-12 Sep, Salerno
  • Smart City and Disaster Resilient System: 8th IMIS-2014, Jul 2-4, Birmingham
  • Internet of Things track: 5th ANT-2014, Jun 2-5, Hasselt
  • Data Mining in Mobile Applications track: 8th BWCCA-2013, Oct 28-30, Compiegne
  • Internet of Things track: 4th EUSPN-2013, Oct 21-24, Niagara Falls
  • Cloud, Grid and P2P Computing track: 16th NBiS-2013, Sep 4-6, Gwangju
  • Knowledge Cities and Disaster Recovery track: 7th IMIS-2013, Jul 3-5, Taichung
  • Distributed systems, Networks and Applications track: 4th ANT-2013, Jun 25-28, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Virtual Organizations, Enterprise and Cloud Computing track: 7th 3PGCIC-2012, Nov 12-14, Victoria
  • Knowledge Cities and Disaster Recovery track: 6th IMIS-2012, July 4-6, Palermo
  • eScience track: 3rd IEEE CloudCom-2011, Nov 29-Dec 1, Athens
  • Virtual Organizations, Enterprise and Cloud Computing track: 6th 3PGCIC-2011, Oct 26-28, Barcelona
  • Grid, P2P and Scalable Computing track: 25th IEEE AINA-2011, Mar 22-25, Singapore

Research Publications

Selected Journal Articles

  • REINA DG, TORAL SL, ASIMAKOPOULOU E, BARRERO F and BESSIS N (2015) The Role of Congestion in Probabilistic Broadcasting for Ubiquitous Wireless Multi-hop Networks through Mediation Analysis, Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Elsevier (SCI JSCR IF 2013: 2.079) ISSN: 1574-1192 DOI 1016/j.pmcj.2015.06.014
  • REINA DG, ASKALANI M, TORAL SL, BARRERO F, ASIMAKOPOULOU E and BESSIS N (2015) A Survey on Multi-hop Ad Hoc Networks for Disaster Response Scenarios, Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, Hindawi (SCI JSCR IF 2013: 0.923) [accepted]
  • SHAO Y, SHI Q, XIAO Y, BESSIS N and NORRINGTON P (2014) Email Classification using Behavior and Time Features, Journal of Internet Technology, Taiwan Academic Network (SCI JSCR IF 2013: 0.418) [accepted]
  • SOTIRIADIS S, BESSIS N, ANJUM A and BUYYA R (2015) An Inter-cloud Meta-Scheduling (ICMS) Simulation Framework: Architecture and Evaluation, IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, IEEE (SCI JSCR 2013 IF: 1.985) ISSN: 1939-1374 99(99) DOI 1109/TSC.2015.2399312
  • SOTIRIADIS S and BESSIS N (2015) An Inter-Cloud Bridge System for Heterogeneous Cloud Platforms, Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier (SCI JSCR IF 2013: 2.639) ISSN: 0167-739X DOI 1016/j.future.2015.02.005
  • TROVATI M and BESSIS N (2015) An Influence Assessment Method based on Co-Occurrence For Topologically Reduced Big Data Sets, Soft Computing, Springer (SCI JSCR 2013 IF: 1,304) DOI 1007/s00500-015-1621-9
  • BEHADADA O, TROVATI M, MA C and BESSIS N (2015) Big Data Based Extraction of Fuzzy Partition Rules for Heart Arrhythmia Detection: a Semi-Automated Approach, Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience, Wiley (SCI JSCR 2013 IF: 0,784) DOI 1002/cpe.3428
  • IKRAM A, ANJUM A and BESSIS N (2015) A Cloud Resource Management Model for the Creation and Orchestration of Social Communities, Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory, Elsevier (SCI JSCR 2013 IF: 1.188) [available online 11 June 2014] ISSN: 1569-190X 50(2015) pp: 130-150 DOI 1016/j.simpat.2014.05.003
  • REINA DG, LEON-COCA JM, TORAL SL, ASIMAKOPOULOU E, BARRERO F, NORRIGTON P and BESSIS N (2013) Multi-objective Performance Optimization of a Probabilistic Similarity/Dissimilarity-based Broadcasting Scheme for Mobile Ad hoc Networks in Disaster Response Scenarios, Soft Computing, Springer (SCI JSCR IF 2012: 1.124) ISSN: 1432-7643 18(9) pp: 1745-1756 DOI 1007/s00500-013-1207-3
  • DEAK G, CURRAN K, CONDELL J, ASIMAKOPOULOU E and BESSIS N (2013) IoTs (Internet of Things) and DfPL (Device-free Passive Localisation) in a Disaster Management Scenario, Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory, Elsevier (SCI JSCR IF 2011: 0.969) ISSN: 1569-190X 35(1) pp: 86-96 DOI 1016/j.simpat.2013.03.005
  • BESSIS N, SOTIRIADIS S, XHAFA F and ASIMAKOPOULOU E (2013) Cloud Scheduling Optimisation: A Reactive Model to enable Dynamic Deployment of Virtual Machines Instantiations, International Journal Informatica, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, IoS Press (SCI JSCR IF 2010: 1.786) ISSN: 0868-4952 24(3) pp: 357-380 DOI
  • BESSIS N, SOTIRIADIS S, POP F and CRISTEA V (2013) Using a Novel Message-Exchanging Optimization (MEO) Model to Reduce Energy Consumption in Distributed Systems, Simulation Modeling Practice and Theory, Elsevier (SCI JSCR IF 2011: 0.969) 39(December 2013) ISSN: 1569-190X pp: 104-120 DOI 1016/j.simpat.2013.02.003
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