Computer whiz Mohammed Asim Hussain has (today) graduated with a First in BSC Computing from Edge Hill University after stints of work experience with major international brands. Asim, from Accrington, who has a passion for networks and future technologies, was keen to gain real industry experience so spent time with Sky and The Ritz London. An active member of his local mosque where he teaches Arabic to young people, he has now applied for a PGCE teaching qualification at Edge Hill but is also keeping his options open and applying for jobs. Asim, who once dreamt of becoming an airline pilot, said:
“I’ve always loved technology. Right back to when I was a child and dreamt of being a pilot, just so I could use all the technology onboard. Computers are the future and I’m particularly keen on networks, systems and project management. “In my first year I didn’t have the mindset of just sitting behind my desk and learning in the classroom, I wanted to get out into the real world, into different sectors and gain real first-hand experience.”
Asim spent time with Sky working with engineers at the communications exchanges and helped The Ritz Hotel with data management and a staff reward scheme. He said:
“I’ve been keen to keep my skills as broad as possible and experience computing across different sectors. Everyone just thinks of computing within certain industries and they forget the pivotal role technology plays in all sectors such as hospitality. “I always think you don’t know unless you try and whether you succeed or not you can learn from that. By doing the placements I’ve learnt new skills, life skills and an understanding of what it takes to be in a work environment in a professional industry.”
Asim who has spent the last couple of years memorising the Quran on a Hafiz Course, added:
“Everything is a system and all systems need computers. Moving forward technology is the future and I’m passionate about the advantages technology can bring to everyday life.”