Edge Hill University is teaming up with a top university in India which will see their students complete their final year courses in the North West.

The Computer Science department has agreed a link-up to deliver the BSc Degree in Robotics & AI, and the BSc Degree in Data Science which will act as a final year/top up opportunity for visiting students.

Academy of Maritime and Training (AMET) University is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, focusing on engineering and technology – and is the first Indian university dedicated for maritime studies. Dr. Mark Liptrott, Director of Undergraduate Studies (Computer Science) said:

“The Computer Science Department is looking forward to receiving AMET students after the signing of an agreement allowing their students to complete their Robotics and AI or Data Science degrees here at Edge Hill.”

The first cohort will begin their studies at Edge Hill in September 2021, with the partnership providing opportunities for both the Indian and home students to study together and provide an added international experience to learning. Professor of Computer Science, Nik Bessis, added:

“To be approached by one of India’s top university’s is a credit to our work in data science and, Robotics & AI. Having the Indian students here for their final year will not only benefit those students and give them access to our leading facilities but will also allow learning opportunities for our home students as well.”

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