Ross Carter
BSc (Hons) Computing: Games Programming

How to impress QVC with your CV

Ross walked straight out of Edge Hill with a First Class Computing degree into a graduate position with QVC UK, and his employment is a direct result of his attendance and engagement at the 2017 Computer Science Careers Fair.

As an Associate Application Developer, Ross has worked locally, nationally and internationally, developing systems for QVC Global. He participated in as many challenges and competitions provided by the University as possible and believes that these experiences greatly improved his chances when it came to job interviews and assessment processes.

Taking part in game jams, hackathons and the North West Technology Challenge – for which his team won the first prize – meant that Ross was experienced in quickly accessing the skills developed on his course and applying them to high pressure situations.

“My advice would be to try and take on as many challenges and competitions the University gives you, as the more experiences you gain from them, the better chances you will get through interviews and assessment centres as you have experience others don’t.”

Ross Carter