Two Computer Science graduates have used their knowledge of new technologies to take their employers’ businesses to new levels. As Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associates, Max Gilbert and Joe Bolton took on challenging projects designed to share technical skills and knowledge of new technologies with local organisations.

Web Systems Development graduate Max helped a wetstock management company, which deals with monitoring fuel storage in petrol stations, to adopt new technology to enhance quality assurance workflows. Similarly, Joe worked as the only software developer in a traditionally hardware-focussed company to develop a system to integrate feeds from sensors and cameras in retail environments.

Both graduates have made a huge impact on the companies they have worked for by not only developing the new software, but also creating additional tools to support their employers’ working practices. Their expertise, along with the tangible results they generated, led to both graduates securing full-time positions with their respective employers.

“As KTP Associates, Max and Joe were not only responsible for the software development, but were also required to undertake the project management and reporting elements of the initiative. They also had to present their work to senior leaders within the company, as well as engage with external partners.”

Michael Banford, Business Development Manager, Edge Hill University