Dan Bond
BSc (Hons) Web Systems Development, 2012

Dan Bond

A passionate software developer, Dan knew the career he wanted after graduation but struggled with confidence in his ability. On the advice of his tutors, he applied for work experience with a small, local agency to gain additional skills and boost his self-belief.

Once the agency saw what he was capable of, the voluntary position became part-time employment and Dan realised his fears were unfounded. He went on to work for several agencies before securing his current role with Sainsbury’s. As a Software Developer, Dan has since worked on some significant projects including the secure connecting of the Nectar loyalty card scheme with other online platforms, such as Groceries, TU Clothing Online, and Sainsbury’s SmartShop, that deal with more than ten thousand requests a day and millions of pounds worth of transactions.

“When I started working with Dan he was new to agile practices and he made it clear he wanted to learn more. It’s been great to see Dan engage with Scrum and supportive engineering practices which were new to him to push forward agile ways of working. Dan has also realised the power of feedback and is particularly impressive providing ideas for improvement to his team.”

Simon Burchell, Lead Agile Coach, Sainsbury’s