2017 University Learning and Teaching Day

Monday 3rd July 2017

Programme University Learning and Teaching Day – 3rd July 2017

All sessions are repeated twice to provide maximum opportunity for staff to attend their preferred sessions.

Room details are on the programme.

The annual staff BBQ is taking place at lunchtime in the Hub Boulevard.


There are 11 sessions in the morning, which are then repeated in the afternoon, to give staff maximum opportunity to attend their preferred sessions.  Staff can choose to attend any of the sessions at either of the time-slots.

It is recommended that academic staff attend at least 2 sessions. 

Sessions can be booked via ‘MyView’:

  1. Log-in to ‘MyView’
  2. Click ‘My Training’ from the menu of the left-hand side
  3. Select ‘Request Training’ from the drop-down menu
  4. From the ‘Type’ drop-down menu, select ‘Learning & Teaching Development’
  5. Set the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ as 3rd July
  6. Click ‘Search’

All of the University Learning and Teaching Day sessions will be displayed and you can select which ones to book onto.  Please note, to ensure that you confirm your booking successfully, please press SUBMIT on all training requestsFor further guidance on booking, please click here. 

*Please note, room details are on the programme.*

Abstracts for the 2017 University Learning and Teaching day

1. The Research Teaching Nexus (B001)
Facilitator: Prof. Mark Schofield

2. Supporting Transitions into Higher Education (B002)
Facilitators: Dr. John Bostock and Emma Hall

3. Student Charter (HUB2)
Facilitators: Sara Ainscow, Lana Orr and Fay Sherrington

4. Academic Resilience and Confidence (B003)
Facilitators: Alexis Moore and Christina Donovan

5. Digital Design: How to disseminate ideas, research and good practice in a visually stimulating way (E10-IT)
Facilitators: Dawne Bell

6. Taught Degrees Framework (HUB1)
Facilitator: Tony Turjansky

Handouts for ‘Taught Degrees Framework’:
Taught Degrees Framework – Final March 2017

7. Student Led Staff Awards: What Students Value (HUB1)
Luke Myer

8. TEF Update (B001)
Facilitators: Prof. Mark Schofield and Tony Turjansky

9. Using Turnitin to support academic writing (B002)
Facilitators: Dr. John Bostock, Adrian Cain and Laura Taylor

10. Creating assessment guides that reduce lecturer workload whilst also increasing student satisfaction with the assessment process (B003)
Facilitator: Claire Moscrop

11. Mock Assessment Centres_Students as Organisers as well as Participants (HUB2)
Facilitator: Pat Hornby-Atkinson


If you have any queries regarding the University Learning and Teaching Day, please email: clt@edgehill.ac.uk in the first instance.  Thank you.

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