GDPR Privacy Statement

Edge Hill University regards your privacy as important and complies with the principles of the current and changing Data Protection legislation, including the Data Protection Act [2018] and the General Data Protection Regulations [2018]. Further details on how your information is protected can be accessed via the following link

Departmental Privacy Policy for the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) and SOLSTICE.


GDPR Update on PGCTHE and EHU CPD Scheme (UKPSF) data sharing with ADVANCE HE (formerly The Higher Education Academy)

Following the implementation of GDPR you should be aware that successful recognition at AFHEA (THE7001) D1 and/or FHEA D2 (full PGCTHE or EHU CPD Scheme (UKPSF), SFHEA D3 and PFHEA D4 (EHU CPD Scheme UKPSF), personal data including your name and email address will be supplied to Advance HE. This is in order to trigger your fellowship registration and certificate being recorded on their MyAcademy database:

Advance HE will make use of this data in the course of providing their Accreditation Services to EHU, and potentially in any reviews they might carry out of our accredited provision.

By submitting your coursework and appendices you are confirming you agree to this data sharing.

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