CLT Team

Photo of Mark SchofieldProf Mark Schofield
Dean of Teaching and Learning Development.
01695 650850 (ext. 7850) [email protected]

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Photo of Dawne Irving-BellDr Dawne Irving-Bell
Senior Learning and Teaching Fellow (Reader)
01695 584161 (ext. 4161)  [email protected]
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Photo of Linda Marron

Linda Marron
PGCTHE Programme Leader,
Senior Lecturer in Teaching & Learning Development.
01695 650870 (ext. 7870)  [email protected]

Photo of Jane McNaughtonJane McNaughton
Administrative Co-ordinator
01695 650850 (ext. 7850)
 [email protected]

Photo of Lizy ReedLizy Reed
Operations Coordinator – SOLSTICE and CLT
01695 650750 (ext. 7750)
[email protected]

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