CfHAS research theme: representational practices and cultural understanding

  • Pathways to Veganism: exploring effective messages in vegan transition‘ (2018-2019). This 12 month project was funded by The Vegan Society (PI: Professor Claire Parkinson, CI: Dr Richard Twine, RA: Dr Naomi Griffin).
  • Digital Animalities (2015-2019) SSHRC funded project. PI CfHAS Visiting Professor Professor Jody Berland (York University, Canada). Co-I: Professor Claire Parkinson.
  • Animals, anthropomorphism and mediated encounters – forthcoming book by Professor Claire Parkinson
  • PhD Project: ‘Reframing the animal‘ (EvaMarie Lindahl).
  • Animal activism and communication strategies (Dr Paddy Hoey).

CfHAS research theme: climate change and sustainability

This research theme focuses on relationships between climate change, sustainability, foods of animal origin, biodiversity loss and plant-based diets. Work in this area also explores human-animal relationships in the context of food and food systems, engaging with key themes of social justice and health and wellbeing.

  • Dr Richard Twine – Understanding Vegan Transition. This project examines veganism as an example of a sustainable food transition. Applying a practice theory framework to empirical data from qualitative interviews with a sample of UK based vegans, the project aims to yield conceptual tools which afford greater understanding of the experience and process of vegan transition.
  • CfHAS researchers contributed to Sustainable Food Lancashire and to the development of the Sustainable Food Charter:

CfHAS research theme: health and wellbeing

  • ‘FEEDing the World? A ‘Critical Animal Discourse Analysis of Global Food / Nutrition Discourse and Policy’ (Abigail Masefield)


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