CfHAS research theme: representational practices and cultural understanding

  • ‘Pathways to Veganism: exploring effective messages in vegan transition’. This 12 month project is funded by The Vegan Society (Dr Richard Twine and Professor Claire Parkinson).
  • Prof. Parkinson is a researcher on the SSHRC funded ‘Digital Animalities‘ international research project led by CfHAS Visiting Professor Professor Jody Berland (York University, Canada).
  • Professor Claire Parkinson  – Another Point of View: animals and anthropomorphism (forthcoming book).
  • PhD Project: ‘Reframing the animal’ (EvaMarie Lindahl). This project explores the possibility of a vegan art practice.

CfHAS research theme: climate change and sustainability

This research theme focuses on relationships between climate change, sustainability, foods of animal origin, biodiversity loss and plant-based diets. Work in this area also explores human-animal relationships in the context of food and food systems, engaging with key themes of social justice and health and wellbeing.

  • Dr Richard Twine – Understanding Vegan Transition. This project examines veganism as an example of a sustainable food transition. Applying a practice theory framework to empirical data from qualitative interviews with a sample of UK based vegans, the project aims to yield conceptual tools which afford greater understanding of the experience and process of vegan transition. Two articles from this project are presently under review, and one pertaining to relationship dimensions of vegan transition is available here:
  • CfHAS researchers contributed to Sustainable Food Lancashire and to the development of the Sustainable Food Charter.

CfHAS research theme: health and wellbeing

  • PhD Project: FEEDing the World? A ‘Critical Animal Discourse Analysis of Global Food / Nutrition Discourse and Policy’ (Abigail Masefield)


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