Current use of the CAT

Over 450 people in 15 countries have registered to access the CAT and resources from the website since 2014 (updated 26.06.19).

A range of charity and National Health Service (NHS) organisations are working with us to pilot use of the CAT with their teams. For example, the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA) and Clatterbridge Cancer Centre are using it to improve carer support.

CAT resources

In addition to the CAT, there are ongoing studies piloting the CAT-S (for carers of stroke survivors) and the CAT-YC (young carers) which have been developed through PhD studies.

For example, the CAT-S has been piloted with the Stroke Association and is currently being piloted with stroke teams based in hospitals across the North West of England.

A version of the CAT and CAT-S with a new scoring system is being trialled in four sites across the North West and Scotland due to feedback from users that a scoring system would be beneficial for triage purposes. Once the results of these trials have been reviewed it is planned that this will be made available for download from the website for registered users. If you would like to know more now please contact the team.

For testimonials from users of the CAT please visit this page.

If you would be interested in working with the team to pilot the CAT with your organisation please get in touch using the contact details on this website.

The CAT has been listed on several websites as an available tool for identifying the needs of unpaid carers including:

The CASESEARCH palliative care knowledge network website in Australia as a resource for palliative care nurses

CareKnowledge, a social care website in the UK

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