Summer Work Abroad

canada campWorking during the summer vacation on a paid or voluntary basis can be a great way of making new friends and having fun, whilst gaining valuable work experience and enhancing your skills.

Summer work can demonstrate your ability to a future employer, showing them you have developed key skills, for example:

  • Self-motivation/ flexibility/adapting to new situations
  • Good at meeting people/networking/language skills
  • Using your own initiative


Working in Summer Camps in the USA

Each year for approximately 8 weeks from June to August, large numbers of American children aged from 7 to 18 years spend time in Summer Camps whilst their parents are working.  Students from around the world are recruited to work in the camps to allow the youngsters to meet people from other countries.  There are thousands of summer camps in the USA with most on the eastern coast.  Nearly all are located by a lake or the sea.

Most Americans are very friendly and you are assured of a big welcome if you decide to take up this chance of a lifetime.

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