Career Planning

planning your career

Looking at what is available and making the right decision for YOU will take time, so it’s best to start researching your career as soon as possible.

We encourage you to use our services from Year 1 onwards so that you know what you want to do, can gain sufficient relevant experience in it, and are ready to go straight into graduate employment after your degree. View our Career Planning Timeline to see what you need to do during each year of your degree.

Finding Information

Ask Us!  We have half hour appointments every day from Mon-Fri, call the Catalyst Helpdesk on 01695 650800 or book an appointment online, or email your query to a Careers Adviser. If you aren’t often on campus we can also arrange a telephone appointment with you.

Our Partnership with You

Your Responsibility

As a student we expect you to:

  • Fully engage in career planning at an early stage, setting out and taking ownership of your careers action plan.
  • Make full use of the services and facilities available in the Careers Centre to support you.
  • Use the feedback mechanisms to let us know what you think.

What We Will Provide

  • Professionally qualified and well informed staff who are committed to the quality of your career planning and experience at Edge Hill University.
  • Clear and accurate information informed by up-to-date research on career options, graduate employment and recruitment processes, and opportunities for maximising your employability.
  • Opportunities to actively seek and listen to your views on all aspects of your University experience and provide you with a timely response.

In the unlikely event that you should wish to withdraw from your course, we can help you to refocus and explore new career ideas. We offer confidential and impartial appointments with fully trained Careers Advisers who can help you to re assess your plans and move forward. You may also wish to read ‘Changing or Leaving Your Course’.



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