It can be well worth tapping into the graduate market to find employees who are versatile and hungry to prove themselves. Our graduates are keen to take up the fast-track career opportunities in smaller firms.

emp SMEs

We offer access to a FREE online vacancy service to help you cut recruitment costs.

You may have questions around how much to pay or what graduates need or expect. We can offer help with this to ensure that you maximise compatibility for both you and the graduate.

Work Placements and Projects

Our students are taught to question, challenge and bring about new solutions. They have the desire to learn new skills and make a positive contribution.
Students can make an excellent contribution to your business by undertaking a work placement or bespoke project for you on an unpaid or voluntary basis. These operate in a number of ways e.g. a block placement of 2 or more weeks, or a series of days spread across a number of weeks or months.
Previous work has included: website design, marketing, PR, DVD production, accountancy, legal services and support for local community initiatives.

Examples of Recent Projects

For graduate dance company 12 Degrees North, our students built a bespoke themed website


For Ormskirk bed and breakfast, Brook Farm, our students built a small, easy to use website for visitors and guests which is fully searchable.




Faculty of Arts and Sciences Placement Officer: TBC
Faculty of Health and Social Care: Head of Interprofessional Learning: Alexandra Vjestica
Faculty of Education: Faculty of Education

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