Types of Placement

On-Course Placements

Some degrees and masters courses include a work placement. These operate in a number of ways e.g. a block placement of 2 weeks, or a series of days spread across a number of weeks or months. Students often undertake a specific project for the organisation e.g. conducting research, organising an event, producing publicity and promotional material or creating/updating a website. In this way the placement can be of significant benefit to the organisation.


The word “internships” is used in different ways:

  • A summer or Easter vacation placement lasting for anything from 2 weeks to 3 months,
  • A year-long placement typically undertaken between students’ second and third year of study. This is also known as a sandwich placement.

Internships are usually paid and offer both the organisation and students a chance to complete a wide range of work. It is an ideal opportunity for organisations to see what a graduate might add to the company, with many employers using internships as a method of recruitment.

Graduate Internships

These are available for new or recent graduates and typically last between 3 to 6 months. Graduate interns who do a job that would otherwise be done by an employee should be paid.

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