Part Time Jobs

Many students successfully combine their studies with part time work. Careers advertise many roles including bar and restaurant work, care work, IT roles, mentoring and tutoring, office work and retail work. Use the sections below to help you to find a job that’s perfect for you.

Search for Vacancies

You can find part time jobs in many different places. We recommend that you use these:

  • Our Careers Vacancy Portal advertises roles suitable for students.  Here you will also find a link to other jobs which are advertised directly by the companies or on 3rd party websites.  (see below about our terms and conditions).
  • Follow us on Twitter – we tweet vacancies on a regular basis
  • We have compiled a list of supermarket and retail job websites.
    The jobs in these resources are being advertised directly by the companies and/or via social media by 3rd parties. This means that they have not signed up to our terms and conditions. Edge Hill University Careers are not responsible for the terms and conditions which may or may not be offered by these employers.

If you are an employer and wish to advertise a vacancy, please contact our Employer Engagement Team 

Careers Awards

Alongside developing skills, your part time work could result in you being nominated for a Careers Award. Find out more about our annual Careers Awards Event.

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