Travelling business class

Exterior of the University of Mons in Belgium

Third year BSc Accountancy students travelled to the University of Mons in Belgium, where they attended a study and cultural awareness week. The Business School students represented Edge Hill at the international event and formed one of 10 international teams that worked together on a three day online financial strategy simulation.

Encouraging enterprise

Jessica Maguire

Second year Accountancy student Jessica Maguire is one of many budding entrepreneurs to have her business ideas nurtured by the Business School. A small business owner for six years prior to joining Edge Hill, Jessica is developing additional knowledge and expertise that will enable her to plan and finance a brand new enterprise on graduation.

Counting on a great career

Craig Billington

Accountancy graduate Craig developed a passion for numbers while working for his father’s business. Enrolling on the Accountancy programme at Edge Hill, not only gave Craig greater skills and knowledge of the profession that he needed to take his career forward, he also found the patience, rigour and discipline required to do a degree had a positive impact on his employability.