Dr Emre Unlu

Senior Lecturer in Economics



  • PhD Economics (Louisiana State University)
  • MSc Economics  (Louisiana State University
  • BSc Industrial Engineering, Minor Economics (Middle East Technical University, Ankara)


  • Social Networks
  • Game Theory
  • Industrial Organization
  • Applied Microeconomics


  • Business Economics
  • Economics for Accountants
  • International Economics
  • Intermediate Economic Analysis
  • Contemporary Issues in Economics
  • Undergraduate Dissertation Supervisor


Emre Unlu is a Senior Lecturer in Business Economics at Edge Hill University. He completed his Ph.D. in Economics at Louisiana State University in 2012. He worked as a Lecturer of Economics at Queen’s University Belfast before joining Edge Hill. His research interests are in game theory, theoretical foundations of the formation of social networks, applied microeconomics, and decision-making processes.

He has taught following modules: Game Theory, Econometrics, Mathematics for Economists, Advanced Business Economics, International Trade, Economics for Business and Management, Economics for Accountants, Intermediate Economic Analysis, Contemporary Issues in Economics

Papers and Research

E. Unlu, “Efficient Networks in Models of Player and Partner Heterogeneity” The Manchester School, Volume 86, Issue 1, 2018

E. Unlu and S. Sarangi, “Key Players and Key Groups in Teams” – (under review)

E. Unlu, S. Sarangi, and P. Dev, “Measuring Interaction within Teams: Evidence from Soccer” – (under review)

E. Unlu, P. Dev and S. Sarangi, “Identity and Link Reliability in Social
Networks” – (work in progress)

Conference Contributions

`UECE Lisbon Meetings’: Lisbon, Portugal

`Game Theory and Networks Workshop’: Queens University Belfast, Belfast

`Game Theory and Networks Workshop’: Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

`Games 2012, The 4th Congress of Game Theory Society’: Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey,

`Public Economic Theory Conference’: Indiana University at Bloomington, Indiana

`Bargaining, Evolution, and Networks: A Conference in Honor of Hans Haller’: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, February 2011

`Economic Behavior and Interaction Models (EBIM): Fifth Doctoral Work-
shop on Economic Theory’: Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany, November 2010

`Armand Caraben Workshop on Sports Economics’ :
IESE Business School, University of Navarra, Barcelona, Spain, October 2010

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