Professor Christopher Dent

Professor in Economics and International Business

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  • PhD International Political Economy, University of Hull, 2003
  • MA Economics, University of Leeds, 1992
  • PGCE Economics/Social Studies, University of York, 1989
  • BA(Hons) Economics/History, Oxford Brookes University, 1988

Christopher Dent is an international political economist and joined Edge Hill University in 2018 after having previously held positions at the Universities of Leeds, Hull and Lincoln. He is also the founder and Leader of SustainNET, a network community of staff and students at the University that is seeking to advance the sustainability agenda both on and off campus. Christopher is originally from London but moved to North England in his early 20s, where he has lived and worked ever since. For most of his professional career he has studied the impact of the East Asia region (China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia) on the global economic system, especially with regards to trade and trade diplomacy, energy, climate change, sustainable development, regional integration and international business. He considers himself an inter-disciplinary economist, linking economics with other subjects to provide a more comprehensive understanding of key challenges facing humanity in the 21st century, in particular climate change and energy security.

He has conducted scholarly work in over 40 countries and has acted as a consultant advisor to the British, Australian, Chilean, German, Swedish, Japanese, South Korean, Lao PDR and United States governments, as well as the Asian Development Bank, European Commission, ASEAN Secretariat, APEC Secretariat, Secretariat for Central American Economic Integration and Nike Incorporated. He has been an invited speaker at conferences and other events in Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Oceania. Over the years, he has also acted in an advisory capacity for the British Academy, Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Evian Group, Pacific Energy Summit, Asia-Europe Foundation, European External Action Service, British Council, National Research Foundation of Korea, and Israel Science Foundation.

Christopher Dent is a widely published author, with 14 books (7 single authored monographs) and over 100 papers, reports and other publications. He has been on the editorial board of four journals, an external examiner for undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes at five universities, and has supervised a number of PhD students. He is also a keen sailor and sports enthusiast generally, and is very discerning (some would say fussy) about what coffee he drinks.


  • International trade – free trade agreements, Brexit, trade-climate action
  • Renewable energy and sustainable development
  • Clean energy trade
  • East Asia – China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Southeast Asia economies
  • Regional economic integration
  • Energy security and the global economic system
  • New maritime trade routes (especially Northern Sea Route)

PhD Completions

Christopher Dent has 21 students supervised to date and is keen to take on promising new PhD students. Please contact him if you interested in being supervised by him in his broad areas of scholarly expertise. He has also examined over 20 other PhD students based elsewhere in Britain and in other countries.

Key Publications

Books (single authored)

  • East Asian Regionalism: 2nd Edition (2016) Routledge, London.
  • Renewable Energy in East Asia: Towards a New Developmentalism (2014) Routledge, London.
  • East Asian Regionalism (2008) Routledge, London. [Awarded the 2009 Masayoshi Ohira Memorial Foundation ‘Special Prize’]
  • New Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific (2006) Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.
  • The Foreign Economic Policies of Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan (2002) Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.
  • The European Union and East Asia: An Economic Relationship (1999) Routledge, London.
  • The European Economy: The Global Context (1997) Routledge, London. (also translated into Portuguese by Instituto Piaget, Lisbon)

Books (editor or co-editor)

  • The Great Diversity: Trajectories of Asian Development (2013) Wageningen Academic Publishers, Wageningen. (co-editor with Camilla Brautaset)
  • The Asia-Pacific, Regionalism and the Global System (2012) Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. (co-editor with Joern Dosch)
  • China and Africa Development Relations (2010) Routledge, London. (editor)
  • China, Japan and Regional Leadership in East Asia (2008) Edward Elgar, Cheltenham. (editor)
  • Asia-Pacific Economic and Security Co-operation: New Regional Agendas (2003) Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. (editor)
  • Northeast Asian Regionalism: Learning from the European Experience (2002) RoutledgeCurzon, London. (co-edited with David W.F. Huang)
  • Core Economics (1995) Heinemann, London. (co-edited with Frank Livesey, Linda Thomas and Keith Wood

Journal Articles

  • ‘Trade, Climate and Energy: A New Study on Climate Action through Free Trade Agreements’ (2021), Energies, Vol 14, online pp. 4363 (30 pages).
  • ‘Brexit, Trump and Trade: Back to a 19th Century Future?’ (2020), Competition and Change, Vol 24(3-4), pp 338-357.
  • ‘East Asia’s Trade Futures in a Volatile World’ (2019), RISE – International Political Economy Relations of Southeast Asia, Vol 4(1), pp 4-6. [Italian: Relazioni Internazionali e International Political Economy del Sud-Est Asiatico).
  • ‘East Asia’s New Developmentalism: State Capacity, Climate Change and Low Carbon Development’ (2018), Third World Quarterly, Vol 39(6), pp 1191-1210.
  • ‘Clean Energy Trade Governance: Reconciling Trade Liberalism and Climate Interventionism?’ (2017), New Political Economy, Vol 23(6), pp 1-20.
  • ‘Cities, Energy and Climate Change: An Introduction’ (2015), Cities, Vol 54(1), pp 1-3.
  • ‘China’s Renewable Energy Development: Policy, Industry and Business Perspectives’ (2014), Asia Pacific Business Review, Vol 21(1), pp 26-43.
  • ‘Paths Ahead for East Asia and Asia-Pacific Regionalism’ (2013), International Affairs, Vol 89(4), pp 963-985.
  • ‘Understanding the Energy Diplomacies of East Asian States’ (2013), Modern Asian Studies, Vol 47(3), pp 935­967.
  • ‘Renewable Energy and East Asia’s New Developmentalism: Towards a Low Carbon Future?’, (2012), The Pacific Review, Vol 25(5), pp 561-587.
  • ‘Sub-Regional Cooperation and Developmental Regionalism: The Case of BIMP-EAGA’ (2011), Contemporary Southeast Asia, Vol 33(1), pp 29-55 (with Peter Richter)
  • ‘Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific a Decade On: Evaluating the Past, Looking to the Future’ (2010), International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, Vol 10(2), pp 201-245.
  • ‘Freer Trade, More Regulation? Commercial Regulatory Provisions in Asia-Pacific Free Trade Agreements’ (2010), Competition and Change, Vol 14(1), pp 48-79.
  • ‘The Asian Development Bank and Developmental Regionalism in East Asia’, (2008), Third World Quarterly, Vol 29(4), pp 767-86.
  • ‘Full Circle? Ideas and Ordeals of Creating a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific’ (2007), The Pacific Review, Vol 20(4), pp 447-74.
  • ‘The New Economic Bilateralism in Southeast Asia: Region-Convergent or Region-Divergent?’, (2006), International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, Vol 6(1), pp 81-111.
  • ‘Taiwan and the New Regional Political Economy of East Asia’, (2005), China Quarterly, Vol 182, pp 385-406.
  • ‘The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and Inter-Regionalism: Towards a Theory of Multilateral Utility’, (2004) Asian Survey, Vol 44(2), pp 213-236.
  • ‘Transnational Capital, the State and Foreign Economic Policy: Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan’, (2003) Review of International Political Economy, Vol 10(2), pp 246-77.
  • ‘Networking the Region? The Emergence and Impact of Asia-Pacific Bilateral Free Trade Agreement Projects’, (2003) The Pacific Review, Vol 16(1), pp 1-28.
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  • ‘The Eurasian Economic Axis: Its Significance for East Asia’ (2001) Journal of Asian Studies, Vol 60(3), pp 731-59.
  • ‘Singapore’s Foreign Economic Policy: The Pursuit of Economic Security’ (2001) Contemporary Southeast Asia, Vol 23(1), pp 1-23.
  • ‘ASEM and the Cinderella Complex of EU – East Asia Economic Relations’, (2001) Pacific Affairs, Vol 74(1), pp 25-52.
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  • ‘Korean Foreign Direct Investment In Europe: The Determining Forces’ (1996), The Pacific Review, Vol 19(4), pp 531-52 (with Claire Randerson).

Book Chapters

  • ‘Frontier Infrastructure: One Belt One Road (OBOR) and Northern Sea Route (NSR) in Comparative Perspective’ (2018 forthcoming), in Menkhoff, C.Y. Wah and L. Low (eds) China’s Belt-Road initiative (BRI), Singapore: World Scientific.
  • ‘Wind Energy Development in Asia’, (2018), in S. Bhattacharyya (ed.) Routledge Handbook of Energy in Asia, London: Routledge.
  • ‘Renewable Energy and New Developmentalism in East Asia’ (2018), in S. Hsu (ed.) Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Development in Asia, London: Routledge.
  • ‘China’s Investment Provisions in its Free Trade Agreements’ (2014), in K. Brown (ed.) The EU-China Relationship: European Perspectives. A Manual for Policy Makers, London: Imperial College Press.
  • ‘East Asia’s Renewable Energy Policies and Strategies: A New Low Carbon Development in the Making?’ (2014), in P. Harris and G. Lang (eds) Routledge Handbook of Environment and Society in Asia, London: Routledge.
  • ‘Principal Developments and Future Directions in Asia’s Trade’ (2014), in S. Pekkanen, J. Ravenhill and R. Foot (eds) International Relations of Asia, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Commissioned Research Publications

  • ‘Business Demand for Renewable Energy’, feature chapter in the Global Status Report on Renewables 2021, REN21 Secretariat, Paris.
  • ‘East Asian Integration: Towards An East Asian Economic Community’, Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) Working Paper Series, No. 665, February 2017, Tokyo: ADBI.
  • ‘Trade in Clean Energy: Bridging the Governance Gap’, National Bureau of Asian Research Commentary Series, 6 June 2016, Washington DC: NBR.
  • ‘Regional Spotlight on East Asia’, Global Status Report on Renewable Energy 2015, REN21, Paris.
  • ‘The Three Gorges Dam: China’s Clean Energy Hero or Villain?’ (2015) China Policy Institute Blog, 27 March:
  • ‘Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific: Going Around in Circles?’ (2013), Evian Policy Brief, Evian Group (
  • ‘Central American Integration System: Learning from International Good Practices of Regional Co-operation and Integration’ (2011) GIZ Series of Documents (CAIS Office, Guatemala City), Guatemala City: GIZ Office.
  • ‘Organising the Wider East Asia Region’ (2010), Asian Development Bank Series on Regional Economic Integration, No. 62, November 2010, Manila: Asian Development Bank.
  • ‘Good Practices of Sub-Regional Co-operation in Europe and Asia: Implications for BIMP-EAGA’ (2009), GTZ Series of Documents (BIMP-EAGA Office, Manila), No. 14, Manila: GTZ Office.
  • ‘BIMP-EAGA, ASEAN and Regionalism in East Asia: Exploring the Connections’ (2008), GTZ Series of Documents (BIMP-EAGA Office, Manila), No. 10, Manila: GTZ Office.
  • ‘Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific: A Risky Game Being Played at the Wrong Time’ (2006), Evian Policy Brief, Evian Group (
  • ‘New Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Projects in the Asia-Pacific: Implications for Europe’ (2003), Evian Policy Brief, May 2003, Evian Group (
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