New book on Ambulance Leadership by Edge Hill Business School investigates the key management challenges for the 21st century ambulance services


A new book, “Ambulance Services: Leadership and Management Perspectives” (ISBN No.9783319186412) edited by Prof. Paresh Wankhade, Professor of Leadership and Management and Prof. Kevin Mackway-Jones, Medical Director, North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust has just been published by Springer:

Paresh004bThe pressures of aging population, demographic changes, other socio-cultural factors and the changing role of the ambulance services in the wider healthcare networks are all challenging the traditional ambulance delivery. This is further impacting the effectiveness of the ambulance organisations and their responses to the various issues discussed in this volume. The challenges of funding, training and cultural transformation are now felt globally. The need to learn and adapt from suitable models of ambulance service delivery have never been greater. The book offers critical insights into the theory and practice of strategic and operational management of ambulance services and the leadership needs for the service. One of the key highlights of this volume is to bring together scholarship using experts- academics, practitioners and professionals in the field, to each of the chosen topics. Our authors represent senior academics, chief executives and senior managers of ambulance trusts, senior leaders from policy and professional bodies and international experts who lead, influence or manage the ambulance services thus informing the policy and guiding the practice. The 16 chapters are based in the practical experiences of the authors and are written in a way that is accessible and suitable for a range of audiences. The book caters to a wider audience to inform policy and practice, both in the UK and internationally.


This book is the second in a three volume series on the management of the three blue light emergency services (ambulance, police and the fire and rescue services). The first book on Police Services edited by Professor Paresh Wankhade and Professor David Weir was published in July 2015 ( and the final volume on the Fire & Rescue Services is due in early 2016. The series provides a timely and comprehensive reference for academics, professionals and practitioners involved in the analysis, evaluation and reflection of the challenges confronting the emergency services. It also provides students and social scientists with a critical understanding needed to build a scientific basis for interventions and addressing some of the issues raised and deliberated in each of the three volumes.

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