Studying Part-Time

The Business School is committed to providing opportunities for those wanting to obtain their qualification at both undergraduate and postgraduate level on a part-time basis, enabling participants to continue working while developing their skills and knowledge.

Part-time students have a lot to contribute to seminars and help create a stimulating environment for other students. We find that many students apply their new-found knowledge to their workplace during their degree; this helps demonstrate the real benefits of their study to both themselves and the organisations in which they work.

When will you attend and how long will it take?

Our part-time programmes are timetabled to limit the number of days students need to attend university. Many students get a half day release from their employer, others utilise flexible working hours. Grants may be available for some part-time students, subject to income level.

Deborah Callaghan – Business School Part-time programme leader

Deborah CallaghanDeborah Callaghan
01695 657652

Bespoke Courses

The School has a wide portfolio of business and computing modules which can be made available to organisations. These can be combined or varied in ways to suit the organisation with flexible delivery to minimise time out of the workplace.


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