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1) Instructions to Authors of Accepted Abstracts/Papers

Thank you and we are delighted at the overwhelming response to the call for papers. The call is now closed and all authors should have been contacted by the stream conveners. Please see below for further instructions.

Instructions to authors of accepted papers:

Conveners may have asked as a minimum for a 500 word abstract/proposal (as a minimum) but will make their own decisions should they wish to have a different requirement. Unless your stream conveners communicate otherwise you are required to follow these instructions. Authors  may wish to contact stream conveners about the requirements for full paper (if any) including length, deadline, etc. The CMS organisers are not involved in this process.

List of Streams:

  1. Critical Perspectives on Alternate Models of Entrepreneurial Organising Social Innovation and the De-Growth economy
  2. Critical Studies of Leadership: Critical methodologies and alternative spaces
  3. Dark side of Organizational Behaviour
  4. Critical Cross-Cultural Management: time to discuss race, gender, language, sexual orientations, religion and other forms of discrimination in power-laden contexts
  5. Heroes and Heroism
  6. Foreign Workers: The Ethics and Politics of Global Employment
  7. The Past, and Management & Organizational Studies: Challenges, Debates, and Questions
  8. Developing critical theory and methodology contributions: From PhD to ECR
  9. Open/Generalist stream
  10. Alternative ways of organizing – towards a new world order or confomity?
  11. Reimagining social researching: Taking critical action seriously
  12. The performative university: ‘targets and terror’ in academia
  13. Critical Entrepreneurship Studies
  14. The future of feminisms and CMS: Ethics, politics, and embodiment
  15. Experimental Ethnography and the Future of Critique
  16. Objects of Organisation: What does Speculative Realism mean for Management?
  17. Beyond neo-liberal practices as a response to the crisis: Positive lessons and examples in the light of an alternative welfare model in terms of employment and HRM.
  18. Identity and Intersectionality – Changing the Conversation
  19. Space, Place, and Scale: Critical Reflections on the New Spatial Turn in Organization Studies
  20. Civil Society Organizations: Democratic Alternatives in action?
  21. Critical Accounting Studies
  22. Potential and possibilities of Critical education management
  23. Time, Changes and Leadership
  24. The Quality of Equality: Critically Debating Inclusion in Organisations
  25. Innovation and Crises of practices and processes at the fringes of the economy
  26. An Eternal Crisis in Health and Social Management – Time for Revolution?
  27. Political economy, value and valuation: Advancing contemporary critiques of capitalism and exploring alternatives
  28. Ableism in management, organizations and employment relations: Challenging dominant ideas of ‘ideal’ employees, ‘ideal’ bodies and ‘ideal’ capabilities
  29. Emotions, objects and meaning in organizations.
  30. Mending the splintering of the soul: new management for new publics in settler-colonial, post-colonial, and post-industrial organisations.
  31. Reclaiming Flexibility: ‘Workplace flexibility’ in the contemporary economy
  32. Playing Games: Ethics and Emotions at Work
  33. Reorganizing the neo-liberal food system: Evolution, Rebellion or Revolution?
  34. Critical perspectives on International Development: New geographies of inequality and the reconfiguration of the ‘Global South’ and the ‘Global North’
  35. HRM: Powerful Player or Powerless Heretic?
  36. The Decolonizing Management Studies Agenda: Advances, Challenges and Prospects
  37. Deviance in Management and Organization Studies
  38. Workshop: Cyborg Futures: organisations, cultures and technologies in a cross-disciplinary world
  39. Brexit and its consequences: implications for CMS, the workplace and HRD
  40. Organizing and Organizations of Death

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